Why Yoga is to be done During Pregnancy?

As I head into the last stages of my pregnancy, I took a moment to pause and took note of the fact on how yoga has transformed my body and mind. Yes indeed, thanks to the pregnancy yoga classes in Bangalore which are a wonder for sure. It is not only about the physical changes, but the balance of emotion which is brought to the body that is important.

Yoga has always worked out to be the place where I can find a sense of calm. As impending motherhood and unknown aspect of labor is on my mind, the focus is on the present and to eradicate the unwanted blocks. All my pains are a thing of the past and I am able to breathe in a better way. It has been pretty drama free and I was lucky to be part of the best pregnancy classes in Bangalore.

Eases back pain along with morning sickness

Any pregnant women will tell you that one of the worst feelings is nausea and morning sickness. For me this was a trigger bullet and I had to rush to the bathroom if any smell was not to my liking. It was then that I began to practice breathing, which helped me control my mood swings a lot. Once the first stages of pregnancy go away, this nausea gives way to back pain which can be gruesome.

You are prepared for labor with a sense of calmness along with deep breathing.

Breathing is the focal point of all yoga exercises and it does help you to slow down your body. It is not only during the yoga sessions, but it extends to other areas of your life to remain calm. Pregnancy itself is a scary affair and it is that time when the techniques which you have learnt in yoga will come to your help. Most of the classes of yoga are centered on breathing and studies to point to the fact that it leads to be an accident prone free childbirth.

More strength along with flexibility

Those of you who have been part of yoga, it can lead to a total workout along with the low impact at the same time. With energy levels fluctuating, yoga is one thing which will ensure that you are in shape. From what has been seen till now, yoga not only helps a woman to remain in shape, but after pregnancy you can get back your figure with the help of the same. When you are preparing for labor, with the added flexibility or strength there is nothing better than yoga.

Connection with the baby

One of the best aspects about yoga is that you tend to get a lot of time to focus on yourself. In the process, the baby which is growing inside your stomach is also connected to you. I tend to feel every kick or flutter and this is a feeling which is hard to describe in terms of words

When you enroll for yoga classes, you meet future would be moms. There is no need to be self-conscious that you are pregnant, and in the process, you can share your experiences. All these are bound to hold you in good stead in the days to come.

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