What are the Types of heart Surgeries and their Necessities?

Nowadays with the increase in the rate of pollution, there are also increasing numbers of heart patients coming up. It is a great concern for everyone in the world now to get away with any heat malfunctioning. There are numerous heart surgeries performed on a daily basis.

There are two major inventions in the fields of the medicines which have led to the successful heart surgeries, and those are: The heart-lung machine and the body cooling techniques. But it must be made sure that the best heart surgery hospital in India is chosen to undergo surgery.

A detailed account of the heart-lung machine

The machine is technically termed as the Cardiopulmonary Bypass Machine. It replaces the pumping activity of the heart and also adds oxygen to the blood. Due to this, the heart will be still during the open heart operation, and at the same time, there is no shortage of the oxygen in the blood. When a patient is connected to the heart-lung machine, it does all the functions of the heart and the lungs.

This machine carries blood from the right atrium to a specially designed reservoir known as the oxygenator. The oxygenator helps the oxygen to pass through the blood and hence enters the red blood cells (RBCs). When there is a sufficient supply of the oxygen to the blood, the dark blood color of the blood which was due to the shortage of the oxygen becomes bright red.

After this process, the blood is passed through a filter which removes the air bubble from the oxygenated blood and later on the blood passes through a plastic tube to the aorta. And then this makes the blood to move to the rest of the body. There are some especially technicians who operate the hear-lungs machine known as the perfusion technologists.

A detailed account of the cooling techniques

These techniques help the surgeons to undergo surgeries keeping the heart still without causing any sort of damage to the heart cells. When the temperature of the body decreases considerably, then there is less demand for the oxygen from the body, and thus it also protects the heart from getting any severe or even mild injuries. There are majorly two ways to cool the heart:

  • The blood can be cooled considerably when passed through the heart-lung machine. Thus when the blood is distributed to all the parts of the body from the Aorta, then it lowers the temperature of all the parts of the body.
  • The second and the most widely preferred technique is the pouring of the cold saline water over the heart. After the lowering of the temperature of the heart, it stops. There is a special potassium solution prepared which when injected to the heart the rate of the process of cooling increases considerably. One must always go for the best heart surgery hospital in India so that there is very less chance of arising of any complicacy after or during the surgery.

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