Some Pregnancy Related Infections to Avoid

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing to happen to every woman on Earth. But the fact is that there are also may arise several complications that one has to know about and be prepared mentally to tackle. Although there are innumerous sites and blogs on the web providing different types of pregnancy and post-pregnancy related information, it is simply not possible to find the right ones at times. The main concern of any woman when pregnant is to be safe and to keep the baby in the womb to be happy, satisfied and in good health at all times, until delivery and beyond. But in the process, it is quite natural for the woman to fall ill, which in turn will affect the baby.

Knowing the common pregnancy infections

There are few common ailments faced during this stage like the common cold that is not likely to harm the baby. But some serious infections may take place that one should be fully wary of and avoid such complications, especially during the crucial stages of pregnancy. Few common infections may take place during pregnancy. Discussing with the other women over the pregnancy support forum can help to know more about them. Few of the common ones are given below:

  • Chickenpox: In case, the woman has experienced chickenpox early in her life, then she is immune to this disease. But if she is pregnant and never had it before, then it will be wise to avoid those who are infected to prevent catching this infectious disease.
  • AIDS and HIV: HIV virus causing AIDS at birth or in pregnancy is likely to get transmitted through placenta to the fetus or even through breastfeeding. HIV test should be taken to avoid unnecessary complications.
  • Rubella (German Measles): Majority of the women are immunized against this disease. But if not, then the physician is to be visited immediately for consultation.
  • Hepatitis B & C: This disease is known to affect the liver, as well as pass onto the baby during birth. Some people are said to not display any symptoms and also not wary of being a carrier of this disease. If the virus is caught during pregnancy, then the baby is to be provided with hepatitis B vaccine during birth. Liver is also affected by Hepatitis C and gets transmitted with infected blood by direct contact with the infected person. although it involves low risks, the infection is likely to be passed to the baby.
  • Genital Herpes: The baby is likely to be passed with this symptom. However, if the woman develops infections during the early part of pregnancy, then the body will have sufficient time to develop anti-bodies that will be again passed onto the baby within the womb. But unfortunately, few women are likely to experience miscarriages. If it is for the first time it is contracted during late pregnancy, then antibody development will not be had. Cesarean section is mostly advised by the physician to reduce transmission risk of this disease.

Asking pregnancy questions forum will help to know more about the diseases that may affect the pregnant woman and how to safeguard self and baby from it.

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