Seven Methods for Overcoming Chronic Insomnia

Insomnia or the inability to sleep is a common health problem that can disrupt your life. When you aren’t getting enough sleep, it affects your physical and mental well-being. It is possible that your own bad habits are causing insomnia, but you can try these methods to make it easier to begin sleeping.

Method 1: Avoid Ingesting Stimulants 

When you drink stimulating beverages such as coffee or soft drinks, it can help you to have more energy in the morning, but avoid having these beverages later in the day. The caffeine and sugar in many beverages can disrupt your brain’s natural sleeping patterns. In addition, the nicotine and other chemicals in cigarettes are also stimulants that can keep you awake.

Method 2: Don’t Nap during the Day

If you nap during the day, then it can disrupt your body’s natural circadian rhythms, making it impossible to sleep at a regular bedtime. When you feel tired during the day, resist the urge to nap, but go to bed at an earlier time than usual. By avoiding napping, within a few weeks, your body will adjust to sleeping for a complete seven to nine hours.

Method 3: Engage In Physical Activity 

Exercising earlier in the day will help you to go to sleep faster, and you are more likely to remain asleep when you have engaged in a physical activity. However, don’t wait until right before bedtime to exercise strenuously because it will increase your blood circulation and oxygen levels, giving you too much energy to relax.

Method 4: Create a Relaxing Environment

It is difficult to sleep in a chaotic environment, so you should have a bedroom that is free of clutter. Use your favorite color of paint on the walls, and also, choose bedding that is appropriate for the season. You must have a high-quality supportive mattress and box springs to encourage restful sleep, so if these items are old and degraded, then you should replace these things immediately.

Method 5: Reduce Your Anxiety

If you feel anxious before going to bed, then your body releases cortisol that makes you more alert. You must find a way to reduce your anxiety before trying to sleep, but you should choose healthy ways to eliminate stress, including writing in a diary or watching a favorite television program.

Method 6: Have a Regular Bedtime Routine

One of the best ways to go to sleep quickly is to have a regular bedtime routine. This might include reading a few pages of a library book, meditating to release your troubling thoughts or listening to soothing instrumental music.

Method 7: Check the Side Effects of Your Medications 

When you take store-bought or prescription medications, these items can have a stimulating effect, making it impossible to sleep. Read the labels on your medications carefully to determine if the capsules contain stimulating ingredients. If you are having problems with a medication, then talk to your physician about switching to a different prescription.

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