Reason that convinces you why you must choose Zerodha

Everyone would want to have a secured place where they can trade in without any kind of hassle. Talking of which Zerodha is a perfect place that offers the trade to be done with complete security and without any risk for the buyers and the sellers. This is one full service source of stockbroking where the stock trading is carried out with some great responsibilities. However, as a first time user you of course would want to do research and get some recommendations about the traders and investors but not to neglect that Zerodha is one such place that is completely reliable.

Know more about the Zerodha Solution:

If you are a new customer who washes to utilize its investment in form of trading, certainly you may wonder which option to choose. While looking at the Zerodha site reviews, you may come up with some mix reviews but you can be rest assured that money that you put in it is certainly in the safe hands. This is one of the leading and on the top rated sites of discount brokers which was established in India.

Located in Bangalore, the headquarters of Zerodha has also other franchise in major cities like Hyderabad, Pune, Ahmadabad and Coimbatore to name a few. Started in the year 2010, Nitin Kamath has set a new example of safe and secured mode of investment through Zerodha. If you consider numbers, then not to neglect that today’s Zerodah’s turnover has come up to Rs. 7000 crore that has accounted 2% of NSE total turnover.

The trading platforms that you get:

As a privilege Zerodha customer, it allows you a platform where you can buy and sell the stock, futures and many other options like currency, equity and even commodity to name a few. With free of cost solution, you can enjoy trading platforms such as

  • Web (html5) called Z5
  • Zerodha Trader (Desktop application)
  • Bracket Orders
  • Offline (Call and trade with a charge of Rs. 20 per call)
  • Cover Orders
  • Mobile
  • Plug-in provided with AmiBroker

Other salient solutions to enjoy:

Furthermore, you can also get some of the mindboggling solutions on the site such as:

  • You get the details available on the website for considering the Brokerage and margin calculation
  • Pulse, Trading Q and A and Z connect are other options
  • Statistical information quickly available depending upon the style of trading that you generally follow
  • Powerful scripting language
  • Real time trade signals

This type of solution is not meant for the online traders who are looking forward to make an investment in mutual fund or FPO. But yes, it can help you with demat account and you can also well utilize the trading knowledge bank. There is also an algorithm tool which is available free of cost for all its customers. It is meant to be used for coding and understanding the trading strategies.

With so many great solutions that are available at just one click, becoming a amber of Zerodha does not sound any where loss to you. So have you opened an account yet or not?

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