Pros and Cons of iPhone 6 unlocking

Mobile unlocking is the most popular prerequisites when purchasing a device. Unlocking has various important advantages as well as a number of disadvantages. It is necessary to understand exactly what unlocking is.

Most of the new mobiles you buy from a mobile network brand will be often locked to that particular network. Let us say that the only that network SIM cards will work in the device, different networks SIM cards are blocked using in the device. Network providers normally specify that the device cannot be unlocked until the completion of the contract. So basically unlocking allow you to use your phone with another carrier network. Below are the few pros and cons of purchasing Apple iPhone 6 unlocked:


  1. Compatibility of universal networks: the advantage of an unlocked phone is that SIM cards from any networks can be used on the device. To be more specific, an unlocked phone will allow any GSM SIM card provides the compatibility with all the GSM carriers. An unlocked phone can be beneficial in lots of situations.
  2. Roaming facilities: If you are traveling out of the country and perhaps you want to use your mobile with the local network providers of the nation, you can call the carrier and explain them about the situation; this is the special case in which the network is unlocked on request. This feature is available only for the international SIM cards. On the other hand, if you unlock the device for international use and insert the local SIM card, your device will not recognize it. It also depends upon the compatible the device is with the network frequencies.

As the saying goes everything has a good and a bad side, similarly unlocking also have disadvantages.


  1. Increase in the price: When compared to the identical locked mobiles the unlocked devices are priced higher. There are sellers who buy a locked device and unlocked them and then increase the price of the phone. Locked phones are normally cheap when sold by the major retailers.
  2. Unlocking issues: Anyone can unlock the device, some mobiles can be unlocked for free in simple stages while few are complicated and require professional unlocking service. There is three type of unlocking they are:
  • Using software to unlock: In this method, you will require to download a piece of software in your device that will modify the internal configurations and allow you to use the other network carriers. This is not as simple as it sounds, but this method is not helpful for the new iPhone devices.
  • Unlocking by hardware: this alters your physical hardware of the device by adding an alternate path that will help you make calls with the other network. But this can be quiet dangerous, meddling with the hardware can lead to the annulment of the warranty.
  • IMEI unlocking: this method actually works but can be a bit heavy on to your pocket. This is the safest and one of the obvious methods to be used to unlock the device.

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