Buying Guide For a Wet Grinder

You might be aware that in case of hand grinders from lentils wet paste is made along with various raw materials. In Indian cuisine there importance is immense. Most of the south Indian dishes require batter for their preparations. As part of the grinding process you need to opt for grinder online India purchase. Instant batter is available in the market but still people homemade preparation of batter from the taste and freshness aspect. Here we are going to discuss on how a wet grinder will suit your needs.

Features of wet grinders


The capacity of a grinder is connoted in litres. Numerous wet grinders are there with varied capacity as it depends upon the capacity of a grinder. They can range from 2 litres to 15 litres capacity. You can go on to choose a wet grinder as a part time requirement. Once the capacity of the grinder increases features like capacity and weight do increase at an automatic level.

Drum material

This appears to be the surface that you find insider the grinder. Different kinds of materials like steel or stone are available. The stone does not appear to be better option for long term scrapped usage and in this regard a stainless steel would be a better option.


This is a property that you can come across in a wet grinder. Once the batter is grounded it would help you to take it off. In most cases the titling wet grinders would not be easy to clean as the drum does not appear to be removable.

Overload protection

This does indicate the feature of the amount of load that is put on the grinder. The moment you overload a grinder it stops working. It is sensible to reduce the grinder so as to make it start working. If you buy cheaper grinder online it is not in a position to take extra load. At the same time it ensures a long life of the grinder.

Stone numbers and types

Another factor to consider is the number of stones. It does extend from 1 to 3 stones. The table top grinders are known to have three less stones in order to make it light in weight. Other form of wet grinders are known to have a single stone and do go on to take a lot of time.

With stone types you are likely to come across conical and cylindrical shapes. The former does appear to be much better than the cylindrical ones. The reason being that it proves to be sharp at the edges which means that the raw materials do not have any space to be escape rather than being grounded.

To conclude the installation of a wet grinder is not at all a difficult task. The single stone grinder you can install with minimum amount of fuss. From the maintenance point of view it means that you need to clean the materials as soon as you empty the material. If you delay it possibility of formation of rust exists.

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