Best Web Design Software in 2020

The revolutionized web design was ushered by the transformed way in which we consume content on the internet. Decades ago, websites meant nothing more remarkable than some well-crafted text. But concurrently, websites would not stand a second glance if they a dearth in amalgamating mesmerising visuals.

The evolution of web design has been gargantuan in these three decades of its existence. However, the new normal has strengthened the definition of a successful website is one that is built on a relationship with customers. This has been the sole way to lure people and develop trust since time immemorial.

Still, this pandemic has heralded it further to fashion a lucrative market and a stable customer base. To ensure that your customers are bestowed with a positive experience and engender potential return visits – your website should be brimming with charm. This entails you to invest in web development that involves premier web design software.

Adobe Dreamweaver CC

This is an upgraded web design software that includes a screen to write code and fashion your wen template. The drag and drop section option endows the privilege of crafting your web design with a live preview. You also have the opportunity to explore these features simultaneously.

The coding screen is your quick fix for making all necessary adjustments. It is an impressive tool for both beginners and advanced-level users; however, you must know the fundamentals of coding to deploy Adobe Dreamweaver CC.



The most popular Content Management System across the globe, with 30% of the web users employing WordPress. Its free availability and opensource software engender the fad about it and succours in developing any website with ease. To utilise your time efficiently, you can also use the best-built-in WordPress themes and edit them as required.

The installation of WordPress is quite effortless and quick; all you are mandated to have is a domain name and web hosting to get started. The cost involved with it is $14.99 annually and $7.99 monthly.


A famous web building and designing software. This software is utilised to fashion web designs for general websites and online eCommerce stores. This makes them a trusted software among millions of users.

To make your design experience convenient, it comes with a drag and drop interface. This is a hosted solution, and it means that you can build your website design without writing any code. Their free version in itself will shower you with a beautiful website; however, it is worth exploring their paid plan for a melange of features and options.

Constant Contact Builder

A robust drag and drop website designing software, the enticing catch, is that even if you are a beginner, it succours your journey from scratch. All you are mandated is to sync the website builder with your Facebook page. In a jiffy, the builder will assemble contact info, images, and text from Facebook to actualise your fancy of a business website.

You are also provided the option of building an eCommerce store and promote your content deploying their email marketing software, conferring on you the chance to sell both physical and digital products. You can start your journey with a free account and explore their premium plans for upgraded features.